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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Review for The Skeleton Dance

As night falls, an owl appears on screen as a dog howls at the moon and two black felines wrangle bitterly through the night. That's the moment the hidden graveyard's denizens had been waiting for. Soon,under the owl's astonished eyes, four human skeletons materialise and get started on their joyous onrush, namely playing makeshift instruments made of their remains, holding hands and dancing in a circle and playing a cat as though it was a double bass. Their happy sojourn is shortlived, though. The rooster's crow along with the sun's looming rise remind the bone-tissue apparitions all too soon that time is up and they should make it back for their graves.

This kind of throw, which consists of driving the opponent's head down into the ground, might have inspired some Lin Kuei warriors (e.g.:Cyrax)

It's also highly likely those same Lin Kuei warriors were trained by the folks responsible for Skeleton Dance.