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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Super Mario All Stars- Quick Overview

At least one coin was minted with Mario's likeness as a symbol to his contributions to the gaming industry, confirming his pop star iconic status.

Here is the first game ever that made me stay up all night. Obviously, I have no regrets about that and would happily repeat the experience. Super Mario All Stars brings the best of Super Mario until the year of 1993 and he had already built a phantastical reputation back then. The game presents the player with the most successful games in the Mario franchise,  ( again, it bears mention that the game was made in 1993, so the games were all crafted somewhere before that year) and it's easy to observe how in the early nineties the locus of power has shifted in Mariology. While in today day Mario has acquired a plethora skills along his successful career and has spawned diverse titles that has spanned virtually any gaming genre, back in the early 90's and late 80's Mario still resembled his original self from 1981 Donkey Kong- Jumpman. His capital asset was, surprisingly enough, his ability to perform platform-crossing jumps and the games practically evolved about his unique ability. Of course, there is more to Mario than just jumping around and this is why Super Mario All Stars is such a pleasant experience for Italian plmber fans and gamers alike.
Enjoying the concealment provided by the shroud of furtive darkness,they star in adventures characterised by simple yet catchy gameplay, soothing yet stimulating action.

Few influences have left a stronger imprint on the early Super Mario Bros. games than the philosophy Shigery Myiamoto lives by. According to a number of interviews and articles concerning the genius who conceived mario, Kirby, Diddy Kong and so many otehr memorable characters, games are supposed to be kept simple enough for the player to quickly learn the basics and become proficient in a short amount of time in order to be able to catch on his playing peers; yet games should also allow for creativity and in this concern Mr Myiamoto proves himself to be peerless. This is what makes games bearing the coveted Nintendo crest eternal.
Everybody enjoys a quiet afternoon at the castle lounge.
Among the novelties is the ability to save and resume at a later time, which greatly helped players progress to the final stages and replay where they last stopped. The feature was non-existant in the NES version.

The first game in teh series, although it's not the first Mario game ever. Listening to the slow and stately title music is almost hypnotic, from beginning to end. Surely it pleased the Kami- as it certainly did me.

The growth-inducing mushroom makes Mario bigger and gives him teh ability to smash brick blocks. It's common to mistake the mushroom for a foot ball.

Mario desceding a pipe, which usually leads underground.Another common misinterpretaqtion involves those green tubes to be seen as plant vases. The doubt iscompounded by the fact that some contain Piranha Plants issuing from them, sometimes firing a lonely curling ball at Mario (or Luigi, if you're player 2.)

Rescuing the damsel in distress in 1985.
Bountiful colours adorn the final scene of the game. Down at the bottom, a steady torrent of lava churns red with fiery rage-most for domestic use.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hiren's BootCd review

Box art for Hiren's boot cd. Image: google.
Hiren's BootCD -often shortened to HBCD- is a bootable software Cd. Among its features are scanning the host computer's memory for errors as well as its hard drive, partitioning of the hard drive into logical units cloning and imaging. Due to its bootable nature and the fact that it doesn't call for a fully functional operating system, it's a highly regarded tool for professionals looking to repair disk errors which prevent the system starting. However, it is still required that the host computer be able to run at least Linux or ms windows.

Another common feature provided by Hirens is the use of ISO image files to an installed hard drive should it be desired that the hard drive receive the contents on the ISO image file. For those not in the know, an ISO image is a kind of file made up of the contents of every optical disk sector, its file system included. Optical disks can be written by said images.

A 3-d view of the carton in which HBC comes.