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Friday, 12 December 2014

wrong choice

So what if you've made a wrong choice? Why should this be bothering if this is perfectly fine to not make the wisest of decisions all the time. Yet, the's something inherently wrong about wondering whether you could have made a wiser decision. So, you're better off ploughing on without a care in the world about the consequences than sitting in the house moping all day long about something you had thought in the past that might not have been right after all.

Why is it wrong, you ask?
Well because you are second guessing yourself. You fear you made the wrong choice, and missed out on what may have been a good thing. What you have to internalise is that you can never objectively know if your decision was good or bad. Once life branches, we can never know what shape the branch might have taken otherwise. We often fantasize that the path not taken would have been so much better, but life is too complex with too many variables to make that anything other than a complete fantasy. There is just a good of a chance that other paths would have been far worse 5 years down the road than the one you chose. The point is that for better or worse, the path you are on is the 'right' one. You chose it for the reasons you did at the time, which is what we all do, and the only thing we can do because we aren't clairvoyant. If you're looking for a clairvoyant's true insights are like, look no further than here.

A post with a Christmas spin on it

Getting in a spirit beffiting a working mind full of holiday cheers, here's a post about one of the most enduring modern day Christmas symbols ever: coca cola. Better still, this post will be dedicated to a famous spin-off of the worldwide famous albeit health-wrecking fizzy drink: the new coke.

New Coke was the unofficial name of the sweeter formulation introduced in 1985 by The Coca-Cola Company to replace its flagship soft drink, Coca-Cola (a.k.a. Coke). Properly speaking, New Coke had no separate name of its own, but was simply known as "the new taste of Coca-Cola" until 1992 when it was renamed Coca-Cola II.

Public reaction to the change was poor, and the new cola was a major marketing failure. The subsequent reintroduction of Coke's original formula has been suspected to have resulted in a significant gain in sales.

A Caffeine Free New Coca-Cola version was also introduced at the same time, as if anyone who cared about their health would ever consider drinking it. Should they be looking for some caffeine-free drink they might just as well stop drinking this altogether and go for something less offensive instead. Anyway, it was eventually replaced by Caffeine Free Coca-Cola classic in 1990, which was the original 1983-1985 Caffeine Free Coca-Cola formula.