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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

a law against entitlement

A while ago I received a request from a facebook friend to like her new page. The page was one long screed agitproping for the passing of a new law:
This page was created with the purpose of pushing through a new law which will require all daycare professionals to have suitable facilities for kids with special needs.
Unsurprisingly, this person is the parent of a special needs child. While on holiday at a ski resort the institution could not accept their child because there was accessbility for special needs chidlren on the premises. Indignant, they decide that they want a law to make their needs met the forceful way.
This is hare-brained reasoning in a nutshell. People don't need a law everytime something doesn't go their way. This applies with even more conviction when a rather unique peculiarity is at play. People would usually stay home to care for their child or arrange with someone to ensure that it was well cared for. What would never cross their minds is that we don't need a law for every unusual circumstance, but rather common sense.