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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Les Fleurs du Mal, by Charles Baudelaire

Les Fleurs de Mal (flowers of evil) is a collection of poems by romanticism poet Charles baudelaire and is the bulk of its poetic output after 1840. A hallmark of modern poetry, it charters new uses of aesthetics in which beauty makes appearances through sublime ways thanks to a poetic language befitting the trivial side of reality. This opus would eventually be the main source of influence to late authors such as Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud.

Compared to the Puritanism of Victorian England, Paris enjoyed a much more lax mindset regarding being proper and sticking to common ethics. Being considered a haven for tolerance where the naughty pieces (including those concerning apologies to the practice of unfaithfulness within wedlock, ménage à trois and lewd all-out orgies) by Jacques Offenbach were allowed to flourish without the slightest constraint, the intial
release of Les Fleurs du Mal had to overcome a measure of criticism as some bits of it contained verses suggestive of pornography:

Elle était donc couchée et se laissait aimer,
Et du haut du divan elle souriait d’aise
À mon amour profond et doux comme la mer,
Qui vers elle montait comme vers sa falaise.

She was then lying down and let herself be loved
And on the couch she smiled with delight
at my deep love, gentle as the sea
to which she went down to as a cliff

The author was adamant that his ‘livre atroce’ was impure and that the individual poems poured out their full significance only if the reader went over them within the ‘cadre sigulier’ in which he had set them. The 100 poem collection was doled out into 5 chapters:

    Spleen et Idéal (Spleen and Ideal)
    Tableaux parisiens (Parisian Scenes)
    Le Vin (Wine)
    Fleurs du mal (Flowers of Evil)
    Révolte (Revolt)
    La Mort (Death)

‘Tableaux parisiens’, was inserted into the revised structure used for the 126 poems of the 1861 edition. Les Fleurs du mal records, in poetry in which lyricism and irony are fused, the quest of divided modern man for an ‘ideal’—variously sought in art, eroticism, travel, drugs, and political, social, and metaphysical revolt—that forever eludes him, plunging him back into the agony of isolation and despair that Baudelaire called ‘spleen’. Oscillating from one extreme to another, the quest is open-ended, ever to be renewed, and takes the seeker beyond the realms of life and death ‘au fond de l'Inconnu pour trouver du nouveau


   Lorsque, par un décret des puissances suprêmes,
    Le Poète apparaît en ce monde ennuyé,
    Sa mère épouvantée et pleine de blasphèmes
    Crispe ses poings vers Dieu qui la prend en pitié:

When by a degree of supreme forces
the poet appears bored in his world
his mother terrified and ridden with blasphemies
She clenches her fists towards a pitying God.
   — « Ah ! que n'ai-je mis bas tout un nœud devipères,
    Plutôt que de nourrir cette dérision !
    Maudite soit la nuit aux plaisirs éphémères
    Où mon ventre a conçu mon expiation !
Ah, when I was down in a viper pit
Rather than nourish this mockery
Cursed be the night of ephemeral pleasures
Wherein my stomach has devised my atonement.

Puisque tu m'as choisie entre toutes les femmes
Pour être le dégoût de mon triste mari,
Et que je ne puis pas rejeter dans les flammes,
Comme un billet d'amour, ce monstre rabougri,

Because you chose me among all women

For being the disgust of my sad husband
And that I can't throw myself into flames
Like a love letter, this scrubby monster

Je ferai rejaillir ta haine qui m'accable
Sur l'instrument maudit de tes méchancetés,
Et je tordrai si bien cet arbre misérable,
Qu'il ne pourra pousser ses boutons empestés!»

I will come out of your hate that overwhelms me
With the cursed instrument of your wickedness
And so I choke this wretched tree
that was unable to sprout its plagued buds! 
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Akuma takes on Rolento,the Italy boss from FF2.
Away out in the roiling fervour that only Capcom can deliver is a neat fighting game robed in eye-catching special moves, awesome-looking stages, symphonic songs, among other assets. You have 18 characters at your disposal, plus you can play as Evil Ryu; the latter is only an evil version of Ryu and it's said that he took up his evil persona after a taste of the murderous intent which swallowed Akuma. Most people are pretty acquainted with this series.

The song of the player select screen will dwell in your mind for years to come.
The basic premise is that everyone has a reason to fight,avenge someone, become stronger or seek out real challengers who are worth fighting. This is basically the whole plot in a nutshell and you won't get anything different from this. But what makes this series amazing isn't the plot( it's overly simplistic in a way that give the players too much inspiration). The gameplay is this game's real asset. The average player would feel like they're wielding some real power when playing as Ken, Ryu or Akuma. But an experienced player should feel comfortable with any of the 18 characters as all of them have convenient strong points along with their own strategies to win.

The raging demon has made another victim.
It's easy to understand why players who can't break out of their regular standards feel more confident when playing as hadouken-shoryuken characters: it pays to be in control of someone with an anti-air strike and a projectile-like attack that flies over all the length of the screen. In addition, their basic moves are uncomplicated and can come in handy if used wisely. They're also the main characters in the game, at least they're the ones with the most background history.

Akuma slyly uses his teleporting skills to skim past Zangief's onrush.
The stages of this game also deserve some befitting mention as regards their graphical quality and level of detail. I particularly like Charlie's stage, with the air craft in the background in teh act of lifting itself in the air, amidst a furtive measure of darkness from what appears to be a natural section of some urban environment, with the rooftops and everything, without intruding from the background. It makes up for some neat view without providing distractions.

Words of Wisdom from one of the greatest entities ever to tread this Earth.

Move List:


Running Body Press: 360+K (outside sweep)
Double Backwards Suplex: 360+K (close)
Spinning Pile Driver: 360+P (close)
Glowing Backhand: F,D,DF+P
Spinning Lariat: All P or All K

Super Flying Fist: QCF,QCF+K
Super Atomic Blaster: 360,360+P (close)


Fireball: QCF+P
Medium Fireball: QCF+P,P
Large Fireball: QCF+P,P,P
Uppercut: F,D,DF+P
Hurricane Kick: QCB+K

Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
Super Vacuum Hurricane Kick: QCB,QCB+K
Super Rising Uppercut Wave: F,D,DF,F,D,DF+P


Baton Spin: QCF+P
Backward Spin: QCB+P, then tap P to attack
Forward Spin: All P, then tap P to attack
Knife Throw: F,D,DF+K, then tap K to throw knife
Wall Attack: QCB+K, then tap K or P to attack

Super Fire Raid: QCB,QCB+P
Super Hanging Attack: QCF,QCF+K


Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K
Yoga Flame: HCB+P
Yoga Air Flame: HCB+K
Ground Slide: D+K
Yoga Fire: QCF+P
Head Drill: D+FP in air
Feet Drill: D+K in air

Super Yoga Blast: QCF,QCF+P
Super Yoga Throw: QCF,QCF+K


Mantis Fighting Style: All P
Mantis Fury: Tap P repeatedly
Mantis Kick Uppercut: F,D,DF+K, then K repeatedly
Crane Fighting Style: All K
Crane Dive: D 2 sec. U+K
Crane Roll: B 2 sec. F+P
Crane Wall Dive: D 2 sec. U+K, tap D,U when flying off wall

Super Mantis Charge: QCF,QCF+P
Super Crane Throw: F,D,DF,F,D,DF+K


Jaguar Kick: D,DF+K
Front Kick: DF+K
Jaguar Tooth: HCB+K
Jaguar Knee: F,D,DF+K

Super Jaguar Kick: QCF,QCF+K
Super Jaguar Breed Assault: QCF,QCF+P

By far the most powerful character in this and any game.
With a wealth of smart moves, he can easily overpower any 
opponent in this game. And it wouldn't even call for 
a skilled player to do so; anyone with only a nodding
acquaintance with the SF Alpha II characters would quickly
grasp the feel of what it's like to play as Akuma and promptly
trounce whatever opposition his playing partner might mount. 
Diving Kick: D+FK in air
Overhead Chop: F+SP
Spin Kick: F+FK
Fireball: QCF+P
Red Fireball: F,DF,D+P
Air Fireball: QCF+P in air
Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
Forward Roll: QCB+P
Air Roll: D,DF,F,UF+P or K
Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K

Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+P
Super Vacuum Fireball: HCB,HCB+P
Super Aerial Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P in air


Body Slam: DF,D,DB,B,UB+K
Head-Butt Charge: B 2 sec. F+P
Turn-Around Head-Butt: Hold any 2 P or K then release
Chain Grab: DF,D,DB,B,UB+P

Super Leaping Chain Grab: QCF,QCF+P or K
Super Mega Head-Butt Rush: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P

        M. BISON

Demon Flight: D 2 sec. U+P
Slide: DF+RK
Scissors Kick: B 2 sec. F+K
Psycho Aura: B 2 sec. F+P
Demon Stomp: D 2 sec. U+K
Teleport: F,D,DF+All P or All K or B,D,DB+All P or All K

Super Psycho Crusher: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P
Super Knee Press: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K


Sonic Boom: B 2 sec. F+P
Jumping Back-Kick: F+FK or B+FK
Charging Slide-Kick: F+RK or B+RK
Flash Kick: D 2 sec. U+K

Super Somersault Justice: DB 2 sec. DF,DB,U+K
Super Sonic Blade: B 2 sec. F,B,F+P
Super Crossfire Blitz: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K


Fireball: QCF+P
Heel Kick: D+FK in air
Knee Flip: DF+RK
Split Kick: HCB+K
Lightning Kick: Tap K repeatedly
Vertical Spin Kick: D 2 sec. U+K

Super Vert Kick: DB 2 sec. DF,DB,U+K
Super Thousand-Burst Kick: B 2 sec. F,B,F+K
Super Power Storm: QCF,QCF+P


Gale Kick: QCB+K
Fireball: QCF+P
Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P

Super Fury Kick: QCB,QCB+K
Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+K


Dashing Elbow: QCB+P
Overhead Slam: F+SP
Elbow Drop: D+SP in air
Bushido Running Slide Kick: QCF,FK,FK
Bushido Running Stop: QCF,SK,SK
Bushido Short Jump Kick: QCF,RK,RK
Bushido Leap: QCF+P,P
Rising Spin Kick: QCB+K

Super Bushido Rage: QCF,QCF+K
Super Bushido Jump: QCF,QCF+P


Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P
Overhead Axe Kick: F+FK
Ground Roll: QCB+P
Fireball: QCF+P
Hurricane Kick: QCB+K

Super Rising Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+P
Super Vertical Dragon Wave: QCF,QCF+K


Cape Charge: QCF+K
Slide Kick: DF+FK
Soul Spark: DB,D,DF,F+P
Soul Reflect (Absorb): QCB+JP
Soul Reflect (Horizontal): QCB+SP
Soul Reflect (Diagonal Up): QCB+FP
Soul Catch: F,D,DF+P

Super Aura Soul Catch: QCF,QCF+P
Super Aura Soul Spark: QCB,QCB+P
Super Soul Illusion: QCF,QCF+K


Fireball: QCF+P
Overhead Punch: F+SP
Spin Kick: F+FK
Hurricane Kick: QCB+K
Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+P

Super Vacuum Fireball: QCF,QCF+P
Super Vacuum Hurricane Kick: QCB,QCB+K


Tiger Crush: F,D,DF+K
Low Tiger Shot: QCF+K
High Tiger Shot: QCF+P
Tiger Claw: F,D,DF+P

Super Tiger Cannon: QCF,QCF+P
Super Tiger Genocide: QCF,QCF+K
Super Tiger Raid: QCB,QCB+K


Carpet Bomb: D,DF,F,UF+K
Slide Kick: D+RK
Jitte Slice: QCF+P
Power Bomb: D,DF,F,UF+P

Super Mega Jitte Slice: QCF,QCF+P
Super Mega Power Bomb: 360,360+P