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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The unmanly art of diving

If an edge can be gained by a form of cheating, then so be it.  Both sides should try to outcheat each other, vying for the ref`s attention to the worst form of misconduct. In the end, the governing bodies of this already muddled sport would reveal their true intent by punishing only one of the teams, usually the one lower in ranking stature.

There is no such thing as gamesmanship, it is a word used for cheats who play sport. They are getting paid way above their worth as people and still have the gall to cheat and then downplay their swindling afterwards. This SWPL press should call them what they are and see if the idiots will try to sue them. They show utter contempt to football supporters who pay their excessive wages and are no better than common criminals for doing so. As for the governing bodies to do something about it, they have even more contempt for the grass root supporters than cheats of the same batch that disgraced the World Cup this year. I`m glad Germany sorted them out, besides giving them the royal up yours for thinking they could get away with all their bamboozling in both the group stage and in the quarter final. One can only take so much crap before the need to call them out on their bs comes up.

For those harping about the unfairness of the minimum wage

This is bound to get people jumpy, but anyone also wondering how unfair having to live on a minimum wage is, there's something else to consider before setting forth to rant about the lack of a fair pay:

A "fair" wage is first and foremost one that the employee has decided is "fair," and the employer finds to be acceptable. Far from a one-sided agreement as the employee has as much power to decide whether or not to take the job as the employer to turn down anyone he fits unsuitable to do work for him.

Any employee who is complaining, or striking, because they are not receiving a "fair wage," should first be prompted to answer the following questions.

If, by your terms, you are not receiving a "fair wage," why are you still working here? Why haven't you gone out and obtained a better paying job elsewhere?