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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


People staring at a tv  in a dark room reported to episodes of oikophobia,
fearing the chilly possibility of the tv turning on by itself. 
Oikophobia is fear of home surroundings. This can also mean aversion to the contents of a house, which can include household appliances, chemicals, bathtubs, gas main pipes, just about anything commonly found in a domestic domain. This is more commonly used to indicate fear of the inner physical space of a house as many objects therein are perceived to be dangerous or conductive to injury. This irrational fear of house interiors often stems from bad personal experiences or previous accidents experienced by the afflicted person in a home environment.

Electrical cables resembling fearsome creatures can also instil a measure of oikophobia in unsuspecting bystanders.
Oikophobia has been known to be caused by puppets. 

event management

Event Management is teh process that monitors all sorts of occurrences within an IT infrastructure. The point is to detect exception conditions not part of the normal operation. By detecting exceptions it's possible to escalate them to the appropriate support level. An event is any notification created by an IT service, Configuration Item or monitoring tool that has significance for the management of the IT infrastructure or the delivery of IT service. The scope of Event Management basically comprises of detecting events, investigate and determine the necessary course of action. A clear objective of event management is early detection of  incidents and the automation of routines according to input from the event record. This is specially important since a number of routines can be monitored by exception, reducing downtime.

Events are typically handled through use of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), which assigns a unique identifier to any event generated from the IT infrastructure. Next they go through a filter and receive a notification label: Informational, Warning/Alert (when a CI is nearing a critical stage in its execution lifecycle, which can possibly cause it to m alfunction or underperform)  and Exception/Error, which means that a CI is performing below expectations as defined in the SLA (service level agreement) and business has been impacted in a negative way, requiring intervention and corrective actions. Usually filtering takes place in accordance with established KPI (key performance indicators).

Usually only the latter 2 require some form of intervention. Events rated informational are simply logged in the system.

A trend analysis is usually run by periodically going through the event management logs. This helps find possible ways of preventing future incidents from happening. When the events requires human intervention, it's said to have escalated. Filtering events and correctly labelling them helps reroute them to the correct person responsible for handling them. When an exception is detected, this usually results in an incident record. Incident closure is highly recommended along with links to the other processes.

Event Management chart, indicating that it's a common practice in event management to escalate incidents to other levels of support.
Source: Wiki Process Maps <>

Friday, 25 September 2015

Work Breakdown Structure

Project structure analysis or work breakdown structure is a project structure in planed and controllable elements. A project is divided in work packages and subtasks within a framework structure. Subtasks are elements which can be further broken down into smaller units. Work packages are elements found at the lowermost end of the subtasks' branches, and cannot be further split into smaller categories. Work packages contain the processes that are necessary for later planning stages. The creation of a work breakdown structure is one of the central tasks of project planning, along with current levels of knowledge. WBS is the groundwork for the meetings, scheduling and planning for resources and costs.
Besides, the results from the work breakdown structure double as input for risk management. As it can be regarded as a crucial planning stage, WBS could easily be considered a blueprint for all incoming plans.

Structure principles:

The utmost design goal for a WBS is the complete and unique logging of all activities related to a project. Attaining this goal means that efforts should start at the top level and the creation of the project respectively at the lower level for each unique structure principle. The principles are based on DIN-norms 69000 and are:

Function-oriented structure - this functional principle inquiries function areas of the organisation running the project. This is the sort of executed activity upfront.

Object-oriented principle - the product is brought to the foreground. The project theme will be disassembled into its own items and parts.

Time-oriented principle - for a time-oriented approach it's often taken into account the stages of the project. These then form the work package and the subtasks of the respective level.

WBS is basically a tool used to break delivearables down into manageable work packages. It's like you bought a wardrobe and you can't pass through the door while carrying it. You have to disassemble it before getting through the door. The work packages are the units of the work breakdown structure, which are made out of delivearables.

Windows fuck-ups # 3: windows update message box greyed out

Simple enough. You want for whatever reason change the windows updates settings and notice that you can't as the system has hijacked the windows updates component. If you're using windows xp, do the following:

1- go to run (or hit winkey + r)
2- type regedit
3- navigate to the location below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate \ AU

4- in the right pane, find AUOptions and NoAutoUpdate and delete these values.

If you running windows 7, the following also applies up to getting to the windows registry keys. You need to find AUOptions and change the values from 1 through 5:

1. Download updates but let me choose wether to install them
2. Check for updates but let me choose wether to download and install them
3. Download updates but let me choose wether to install them
4. Install updates automatically
5. Enable the option box to choose manually (this is what you want if you want to take ownership over your pc)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Windows major fuck-ups # 2: View settings won`t stick

In Windows 7 there`s a major glitch which sometimes causes the icon display settings under the view tab to not save your chosen option. For instance, even though you selected medium-sized icons they are always going to show as extra large icons. The way to solve this is to open a folder and choose the view setting that you want for all the other folders. Afterwards, go to the Tools menu and click Folder OPtions. On the view tab, click Apply To All Folders. Click yes, then ok. Now the view option will carry over to all other folders you open in WIndows Explorer, without having to manually change every time you enter a new directory.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The refugee wave folly

They have soulless eyes, a look that reveals hollowness of content and charcter. Amidst all this media bombardment of how wrong it is to let people live in third world countries, no-one has pointed out at least 4 important factors that are going to come back later to bite the cuckservaties in the ass:

1 - why don't they stay and fight for their homes? How many refugees left Japan during World War II? They fought to the last. They didn't resort to taking harbour in another people's country. A country built on the foundation of struggle and industry, as opposed to plain cowardice.

2- It has been established that Turkey is a fairly safe place. If the refgugees' issue is lack of security back in their home country, why don't they settle in Turkey? It makes no sense for them to head for the richer countries.

3- most of them are low IQ for being uncapable of grappling with the real issue back home. they are either going to be a burden on working people's money or a Trojan Horse.

4- they don't look like refugees at all. more like shock troopers. if they have that much fighting in them, it's all the more reason for them to stay and make a go at their purported foe.

Only time will tell how long it will take for people to realise that morals and truth aren't always intertwined. The West yet again fails another shit test.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

God on "tolerating dissent"

Proverbs 6:
There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

Now that you are no longer a naif, go and sin no more.

The Cuckservative's Approach to War

They don't realise they are at war until their enemy breaks oaths and ignores laws. This includes shitting on the cucks' venerated founding documents to attains their goal by whatever means necessary.
Meanwhile the cuckservatives self-righteously uphold old standards, while simultaneously feeling shocked and appalled at the opposition for being unable to elicite any semblance of consideration despite lavish displays of heartfelt apple polishing in a pitiful attempt to talk them out of their feral behaviour. They just aren't going to be moved to disarmament. The queer right would rather never wield any power than to obtain it through dark means, which renders them losers to the end and ultimately, worst than the enemy for having no spine and being quislings. They have to be surgically removed from the body politic, or failing that, gnawed away with the growling jaws of animals.